Life is about constant growth

and taking yourself and your team to the next level.

Having a vision.


Maximizing your personal and leadership potential.

Achieving your goals.

If you are ready for GROW in you life or business...

You are in the right place.



"Growth Today is an investment for tomorrow."

-John C. Maxwell


In order for you to achieve your next vision, you need to grow first.


If you allow yourself to grow personally and professionally, you can...

* Create bigger impact in your life and the life of others.

* Grow as a leader and achieve your goals.

* Be in charge of your life and work.

* Be successful, satisfied and fulfilled personally and in business.


But ... what got you here will not get you when you are heading.

How do you need to grow today to get the results

that you are looking for?


I am Ela Bijlani, Professional Coach, CPA, CGMA

I empower and equip people to maximize their personal and leadership potential so that they can make courageous decisions to achieve their vision.

Coaching Themes:
• Leadership Development

• Personal Effectiveness
• Navigating through change in life and business
• Business strategy
• Career Transformation & Purpose
• Lifestyle Design
• High Potential / Emerging Leader Development
• Leadership Effectiveness
• Achieving business goals
• Creating a sustainable Work-life Balance
• Transformation Change Management through turbulent times

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How do you want to maximize your personal or leadership potential today?



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