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Leadership Lunch Hour


Lead with your

strengths and confidence!

As leaders, it can be a lonely journey navigating the complexities of management,
fostering a successful team and advancing in your career.

This is where Leadership Lunch Hour steps in to provide a
supportive and inspiring community to help leaders thrive and grow.

You may be here because:

you want to gain trust and respect of your team

you want to have more confidence as a leader

you want to learn how to deal with different personalities on your team

you want to overcome the imposter syndrome

you want to delegate effectively

you want to advance in your career

you want to avoid burnout

you want to feel a part of a bigger community of like-minded individuals

you want to have more work-life balance

Leadership Luch Hour is a place for everyone to feel supported in their leadership journey and gain new tools to become better leaders.

Gain Trust and Respect of Your Team

Delegate effectively

Create Thriving Teams

Advance in Your Career

Learn More Effective Communication

Keeping Your Team Members Engaged and Motivated 

and Much, MUCH More!

The mission of Leadership Lunch Hour is to build a community of leaders and facilitate personal and professional growth by connecting with individuals who share similar aspirations.

The Leadership Lunch Hour provides an opportunity for leaders to come together, grow their leadership skills, and enjoy a fulfilling lunch experience.

Who is Leadership Lunch Hour for?



Emerging Leaders

Business Owners

Professionals inspiring to be leaders

who are on a quest to elevate their leadership abilities and take their teams and careers to the next level.

Leadership Lunch Hour is not for you, if:

You are content with where you are and do not want to advance any more

You do not want to grow professionally or personally

You do not believe in personal growth

You are not interested in advancing your leadership skills

Don't miss this opportunity to join a community dedicated to your personal and professional growth.

Leadership Lunch Hour is here to help you thrive as a leader and achieve your full potential.

Leadership Lunch Hour takes place once a month on Fridays at Noon EST and its completely FREE to attend.

Sign up below to Join a diverse network of driven professionals and take the first step towards becoming a more impactful and confident leader.

The power to start lies within you. 

Here is what my client recently said about working with me:

"Ela is a phenomenal coach that supported me to sort through several complexities and challenges I was facing at work. Ela challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone, helping me to see different perspectives and gave me the support and courage to move forward. " - tworzenie stron internetowych