Stakeholder Centered Coaching®

Do you need to bring change into your company?

Stakeholder Centered Coaching® 

helps leaders achieve a positive long-term change in behavior.


 This is accomplished by bringing the people who are affected by a leader’s behavior into the process.  

The leader’s manager, peers, and direct reports (along with the coach) participate in and support the change. 

Stakeholder Centered Coaching is a highly effective and time-efficient process that works as follows:

In consultation with the coach, the leader selects 1-2 specific behaviors that are important for his/her leadership growth.

The leader selects a handful of stakeholders, for example, boss(es), direct reports, and peers, who give feedback to the leader on his/her progress in developing chosen leadership skills. 

Based on the input from stakeholders, the leader selects relevant suggestions and makes an action plan for the next 30 days together with the coach.

Throughout the month, the leader implements his/her action plan and works to grow his/her leadership effectiveness in the selected focus areas. We meet to discuss progress and any possible holdbacks.

The coach checks in with the stakeholders every quarter through a short online survey to gauge the stakeholders’ perceptions on how they see the leader’s development in the 1-2 leadership growth areas. This Leadership Growth Progress Review, or LGPR, is reported back to the leader so that he/she can gauge how his/her leadership change efforts have been perceived by the stakeholders. The LGPR also plays a key role in guaranteed and measurable leadership growth for the leader and the organization.

The length of the program is 6-12 months.

Results for the leader:

It utilizes the psychology of successful people leveraging their high need for self-determination and learning agility.

It moves rapidly from awareness to acceptance to action, focusing on leadership behaviors that drive changes.

It provides a powerful process for building leadership brand.

Results for the Organization:

Stakeholder involvement produces a strong positive ripple effect in the team and organizations as a whole. Systematically involving stakeholders drives a number of positively reinforcing factors.

They buy-in to the leader’s change efforts and become supporters.

They look out for perceived leadership growth, boosting the leader’s motivation to change, and stakeholders personally benefit from such change.

As the leader progresses from new behaviors, into new habits, and into micro-processes, these changes naturally become embedded in the surrounding ecosystem.

Coaching becomes part of the organization’s culture.

It enables the rapid identification of specific leadership behaviors that are most impactful


Not only do the leaders improve, co-workers perceive this progress, thus building their leadership brand and status in the organization

Co-workers buy-in to the leaders’ change efforts and become supporters, creating an environment conducive to change

To provide this tailored program with one-on-one support for the leader, the number of spots per quarter is limited. - tworzenie stron internetowych